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Professional and Ethical Conduct Code


All members upon receipt of membership agree to:

1) Observe the implied obligation to act impartially and fairly with regards to the parties irrespective of the status of the statutory appointment.

2) Avoid perceived and/or actual conflicts of interest, where such may arise to advise the parties and/or seek confirmation from the IPWS committee.

3) Operate with transparency, honesty and respect to all parties and appointed surveyors in accordance with the statutory appointment.

4) Discharge their statutory duties effectively and professionally.


All members undertake to act responsibly in dealing with the services and advice that they provide to their appointing owners and/or any third party and to observe their obligations and duties with specific inference upon:

1) All individuals to maintain on an annual basis appropriate liability insurance.

2) Notify the institution within 21 days:

a. Declare any applications for bankruptcy or where a disqualification as a company director arises.
b. Bring to the attention of the IPWS any perceived or actual violation of the IPWS code of conduct caused by another member.

3) Cooperate with the IPWS where such reasonable information is requested to facilitate any investigation into the conduct of the member and/or members.

Continuous Professional Development

All members shall:

1) Maintain and provide when requested a minimum of 20 hours CPD per annum.

2) Undertake to broaden their knowledge, experiences, competencies and to share such knowledge and awareness with other members.

3) Only undertake the statutory roles where within their competency and skill set.

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