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The Institute of Party Wall Surveyors is a professional association aimed at ensuring the highest standards of service are available for those requiring Party Wall advice and assistance.

As a growing professional association we have one objective, which is to promote honesty, professionalism and integrity within our members and the public. We achieve this by requiring the highest standards from our members and promote their skills, knowledge and expertise to the public and other professional bodies.

As an IPWS member, you are automatically granted the privilege of using our logo on stationery and advertising literature. Hence, establishing expertise in a specialised field and enabling immediate recognition.

Your contact details will be included within our directory of members operating within the surveying, archtechtial engineering and construction professions. You will be invited to CPD events where the latest cases and various technical issues will be discussed and debated. Thus increasing your knowledge and understanding of the act.

You will be invited to present at CPD events and demonstrate your skills and knowledge to members of IPWS.

There are four grades of membership in the Institute of Party Wall Surveyors, depending on your qualifications and where you are in your career. Once you begin our online application, we can point you towards the level that is most appropriate for you. If you’re studying for your first job in the Built environment, you can apply for StudentMember IPWS.

If you’ve been a party wall surveyor and have at least 1 year experience, and you hold an academic qualification comparable to a Certificate or Diploma, you may be eligible for Associate membership AMIPWS. The next grade is member of MIPWS, which is intended for fairly experienced Surveyors, Engineers and managers with the equivalent of a foundation degree or HND, Member of CIOB, RICS, CABE, IStructE, ICE, CMI and CIArb. The aim of most Surveyors and managers is to become a Member of the IPWS. This is a professional grade, and is granted after success at the “professional review” of your skills. The final rank is that of Fellow FIPWS. This is restricted to Surveyors and engineers who are already MIPWS and have been working in a very responsible position for at least Three years. Applications are assessed several times a year by a panel of IPWS Fellows.

Students, Associates, Members and Fellows, referred to throughout the conditions of membership as ‘members’, are members of IPWS, the professional body for Party Wall Surveyors and not members as defined by the Companies Act unless otherwise elected to IPWS’s Advisory Council.

If you would like to become an IPWS member or would like more information complete the form below:

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Other Qualifications
Membership Applied
Accept rules for membership
Annual Membership Fees
Affiliate Membership £80.00

For professionals within the built environment and legal professionals who are not practicing the Party Wall Act would benefit from direct access to an experienced party wall surveyor for advice and guidance on party wall matters.

StudentIPWS £10.00
AIPWS £85.00
MIPWS £225.00
FIPWS £275.00

1. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older.
2. You promise NOT to use or conduct any fraudulent business activity.

By signing this document, that I agree to abide by the conditions of membership as laid out in the Institution of Party Wall Surveyors.
Accept Me for membership
I Confirm and Understand that:

1. If any of the information is False or Misleading, or if I do anything that is deemed to be not in the best interests of the IPWS.
2. That my membership can be terminated
3. All information supplied is true and correct Members' Declaration

The IPWS asks all of its members to make the following declaration when they apply or take up IPWS membership:

• I have not been adjudged bankrupt or insolvent or compounded with my creditors and I am not currently or have been subject to disciplinary procedures by the FCA, other regulator or any professional body within the past five years.

• I apply to become a member of the Institution of Party Wall Surveyors and agree to abide by the Institution Bye-laws, Regulations, and to uphold its high standards as published in its Professional Code of Conduct. Any breach of the Regulations may give rise to disciplinary procedures and termination of my membership.

• I agree to maintain competence through CPD as outlined in Annex 3 of the Membership Regulations

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